Loyalty Program


By joining NUDRATE as a Preferred Customer or Brand Partner, you are agreeing to take part in the NUDRATE Loyalty Program.

The NUDRATE Loyalty Program is an automatic shipment that delivers your favorite NUDRATE products right to your front door each month. It is automatically renewable and re-occurring each month, between the dates of the 1st and 25th of the month (all orders scheduled to be processed between the 25th and the end of the month will be processed and shipped on the 25th; also, any orders that fall on the weekend will be processed and shipped on the Friday before).

Loyalty Program orders will be processed with the credit or debit card maintained on file with NUDRATE. Upon agreeing to these terms as a Brand Partner or Preferred Customer Membership, your Loyalty Program by default is set to:

2 Boxes of NUDRATE FIT (80 PV) during the Brand Partner enrollment process.

2 Boxes of NUDRATE FIT (80PV) during the Preferred Customer enrollment process.

A BRAND PARTNER/Preferred Customer may make adjustments to their Loyalty Program subscription at any time. But a change to the current month’s shipment must be made prior to 3-days before the Loyalty Program processes.

Changes can be made in the Virtual Office of the NUDRATE website, located at NUDRATE.com using their NUDRATE ID number and Password given at the time of enrollment.

Loyalty order cancellation requests will be effective in the calendar month in which NUDRATE receives written notice, or the individual has submitted a ticket, or has emailed customerservice@nudrate.com Cancellation for the current month cannot occur if communication is not within the 3-day before processing timeframe, or the debit has already been processed. If the notice to cancel is received after the debit has been processed, the cancellation will be effective in the following calendar month. If notice to cancel is received after the debit, processing and shipment of the Loyalty Order, then the Brand Partner or Preferred Customer will still be charged the initial shipping upon receiving a NUDRATE Company credit for the product. No Refunds are offered on Auto-Ship orders.

Updated: Jan 1st, 2023